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Pet Groomers That Come To Your House

Traveling Dog Groomer

The Benefits of Using Pet Groomers That Come To Your House

Not every pet enjoys being in a car. If you need to take your dog to a dog groomer, getting them in the car and through the car ride can be an experience. By the time the car ride is over, they may already be anxious, antsy and scared. This is not the ideal situation a dog groomer wants to have, as the dog is already on alert and more likely to act out.


Using pet groomers that come to your house can make the experience more pleasant for both your pet and the dog groomer. Your dog does not have to go in a car and does not have to suffer through a car ride that they may hate. A traveling dog groomer comes to you and sits outside of your home, so all you have to do is walk your pet out the front door. Pet groomers that come to your house also only groom your dog at the time, so if you have an anti-social dog who doesn't like being around other pets, getting groomed can also be challenging in a normal setting, as other dogs may be around. This is not something you have to worry about when you are using a traveling dog groomer.


If your experiences getting your pet groomed from a normal pet groomer have been less than ideal, it may be time to try something new and hire pet groomers that come to your house. At Your Fairy Dogmother, we are a traveling dog groomer that comes directly to your house, helping to reduce stress and anxiety for some pets who are in need of grooming services. Book an appointment for your pet by giving us a call today.

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