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Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Mobile Dog And Cat Grooming

Reasons Why You May Need to Hire Mobile Pet Grooming Services For Your Cat

When you think of mobile pet grooming services, most people think of mobile services to get a dog groomed. However, some services offer both mobile dog and cat grooming. Cats traditionally are able to clean themselves, and as such, do not often need a bath or a trim from a groomer. However, there are some situations which arise which do require you to have your cat groomed by a professional. Keep reading to learn more about why you may need to hire mobile pet grooming services for your cat.


As you cat ages or if your cat is ill, they may lose interest in bathing themselves, or they may be unable to completely bathe themselves. If your cat is unable to care for themselves, they need a professional to step in and bathe them. Cats should be groomed every four to eight weeks if they are unable to keep themselves clean. In some cases, cats get into something they should not. They may have rolled in a pile of manure or have been sprayed by a skunk. If your cat stinks, we can help. Finally, some cats have long fur and it can get matted. Brushing cats with long fur daily helps to prevent mats. But, if mats are already present, you may need your cat trimmed down to remove the mats.


Here at Your Fairy Dogmother, we do more than groom dogs. We offer mobile dog and cat grooming. While we do groom dogs more often than cats, we do have plenty of experience grooming cats, both giving them a bath and trimming away their excess fur. If your cat needs a bath, mobile pet grooming services can help to make the experience as pain free on both you and your kitty. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us.

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